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"something totally unprecedented" • pitchfork

"brain-bending, seemingly impossible" • rolling stone

"favorite thing in years" • radiolab

"moving and addictive...a feat of innovation" • interview magazine

" a loss for words" • spin

"an hour flew by in what seemed like minutes" • the new yorker

"perverse in a good way" • the new york times

"a mysterious, vital sound with a pull all its own" • the los angeles times

dom in hibernation

after 4 years of touring dysnomia, the band is currently in a temporary hiatus due to their involvement in outside projects. however, we could still be playing in your area, so please sign up for our newsletter. thank you to all the fans for supporting us so warmly during all these years of touring

Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour Dawn of Midi supporting Radiohead - MSG Dawn of Midi supporting Radiohead - MSG Dawn of Midi supporting Radiohead - MSG Dawn of Midi - Moogfest
Dawn of Midi - Europe Tour

michelle dorrance • praedicere

american ballet theatre spring gala • metropolitan opera house
may 21. 2018

Praedicere - Metropolitan Opera House

this World Premiere pièce d’occasion is the first in a trio of works by tap dancer, choreographer and macArthur genius fellow michelle dorrance, co-commissioned with Vail Dance Festival, and music by Dawn of Midi. This is Dorrance’s first work for American Ballet Theatre

"an impressive feat of creativity and athleticism that brought enraptured cheers" - forbes

Praedicere - Metropolitan Opera House

under the influence

ancient rhythms for a modern climate
aug 2016

mark jacobson interviewed us for this bi-annual magazine based in london, uk

"there is individual technical virtuosity where one achieves complete command of an instrument. this is not dawn of midi's genius. theirs is derived and mined from an obsessive, meticulous commitment to ensemble through compulsive practice and continuous refinement. theirs honours the past: a reimagining of ancient west and north african rhythms for a modern, western, all-acoustic configuration of piano-bass-drums that, at moments, sounds like the frenetic electronic clicks, snaps, & bass drops of an aphex twin cut."

purhcase this issue here

Under The Influence - magazine cover

dj mix • sounds of sonar

mix by amino belyamani
jun 2016

a collection of groovy music beyond any genre and classification

dj mix • clash music

an exploration of african influences...
mix by amino belyamani
mar 2015

" 'dysnomia', in a certain way, is about deception. the idea is to create music that would feel right, in a certain pulse, and make people dance, even if felt in a completely different and wrong way. just like in many folk traditions of the world, only the members of that specific community understand and feel the music correctly."
"as an outsider and discoverer of this new music, you would enjoy it at first, even without really understanding it, but the more time spent listening to it, the closer you'll get to feeling the music the right way. this mix, containing diverse styles of moroccan folk and ewe music from ghana and benin, is a journey illustrating this very concept of deception. enjoy!"

read more here

dom & bright wave • kanye demands a son

ecstatic music festival • kaufman music center
feb 2014

a collaboration between dom and bright wave
dom also performed dysnomia that evening

listen to full concert here

Dawn of Midi & Bright Wave - Ecstatic Music Festival

high maintenance • qasim

dec 2013

want to know about the uber man?
this episode from the very exciting and unique hbo series, high maintenance, features a track from dawn of midi's dysnomia and a special guest appearance by our drummer...qasim

watch full episode on hbo

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interview magazine

dale eisinger interviews us for interview magazine
sep 2013

dale eisinger: amino, where are you?
amino belyamani: i'm in rabat actually, in the outskirts of rabat right now. i'm looking out over at empty fields of farmland.
aakaash israni: yes!
eisinger: dawn of midi, explain to us who you are and what you are.
israni: we're a band.

read the full interview here

Dawn of Midi - Interview Magazine - band picture


concert film
film by prashant bhargava, rest in peace
nov 2011

kashmir is a concert piece with film exploring the role of memory in conflict. the performance places its investigation in the context of the territorial conflict over the region kashmir. visually, the film, shot on location in srinagar kashmir, provides a visual counterpoint to the rhythmic and harmonic texture of an original, through-composed score in four movements by dawn of midi

Dawn of Midi - Kashmir - Film Poster
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